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AP-IHC Water Monitoring System


AP-IHC Water Monitoring System

Our AP-IHC is designed to provide an indication of a solution’s conductance and with an appropriate signal/output module to provide control signal or alarm action. The maximum operation range of this water monitoring system is 0-2,000,000 micromhos, linear, or 2,500 – 2,500,000 micromhos for percentage. It is made of two elements: the electronics case and a cell; and the typical cell transmitter is not required.

Accurate Water Analysis

The water analyzer (water quality testing equipment) contains the main circuit board, signal preamplifier, indicators, and meter. Mounted to the back wall of the case, is the main circuit board hereafter referred to as the motherboard. This motherboard contains the regulated power supply, the instrument fuse, an alarm circuit, and the interconnection terminal blocks. A second module, preamplifier, is mounted to this motherboard. A signal/output controller module is optional.

The signal/output controller module provides signal or control output for this piece of water quality testing equipment. The remaining components of the AP-IHC Analyzer are the meter, the panel indicator lamps, and the power switch, all mounted on the swing-out door of the case assembly. Cables and connectors are provided to interconnect the water analysis motherboard with the front panel components and the preamplifier module with the cell.

Durable Housing

The stainless or plastic cabinets are for indoor or outdoor use, designed for wall, pipe, or console mounting (see temperature limitations defined in technical data). A gasket is provided between the door and cabinet. The door is secured by a hinge and holding screws (refer to drawing 18682). A female connector for the cell may be located on the case assembly bottom or the cell may be directly connected to the preamplifier terminal block (see cell drawing). Also on the bottom are conduit knockouts with 7/8-inch diameter access. Unit also available as components only (no cabinet) for commercial applications.

The cells used with the AP-IHC Analyzer system are either NPT type or valve insertion type (hot top valve).

Two cell styles are available. Style (1) are "screw-in" type, MC-41K, MC-61K (both with connector termination), and MC123K (with spade lug termination). Style (2) are the "valve insertion" type, MC-114 (for use with L family valves), or the MC-115G (for use with gate valves). Both "insertion" type cells have connector terminations. The "screw-in" type has one-inch NPT screw threads and mounts into a tee or tank wall fitting. The "valve insertion" type cells are designed to insert coaxially into the McNab valves aforementioned. These water quality monitoring systems do not have to dewater piping systems.


In cases where the plant’s high-pressure requirements do not permit easy cell withdrawal for maintenance, or where short dead time demands good full in-line sapling flows, a valve-inserted cell system, L-3p, should be used. This is known also as an linear injector cell assembly and hot tap valve. L-1 valve also has a mechanical interlock, which prevents extracting the cell until the L-3p valve is closed.

Cell Types

High Temperature

Ambient, Stainless Steel Free

Special Features

  • ·         Water monitoring system available in in-line linear meter presentations

  • ·         Unique circuit extends concentration range (2,000,000 mmho) beyond typical conductivity meters

  • ·         MC-114 cell and L-3p valve enables cell insertion against pipe pressure

  • ·         Water quality testing equipment available in various scales, including PPM, TDS, mmho, Sea Salt

    • In-pipe or in-tank installation available with special fittings