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Superior Water Quality Monitoring

The Aqua Purometer IJ (AP-IJ) Water Monitor Indicator and Control System effectively monitors the purity of water through electricity. With this water analysis unit, possible testing containers range from water tanks to piping systems. That's because the AP-IJ adheres to four water quality parameters: contaminants, detection, water treatment, and reverse osmosis water separation (separation processes involving dissolved solids).


How AP-IJ Works

Our powerful AP-IJ water quality monitoring system is a conductivity meter, using electric current to measure conductance values. This reading reflects water purity levels and linearly indicates them on the panel meter. In general, the higher the reading, the less pure the water is. The scale on the panel meter may be changed to indicate chemical content (ppm) or other special option, if needed.

To ensure contaminant parameters are met, an adjustable limit of allowable impurity is included in the electronic monitor circuit with an alarm set point. The water analysis alarm point is set to any desired meter level. If the water impurity level rises above this preset limit, the controller relay in the monitor circuit is engaged, causing the alarm indicator on the panel to signal via light, bell, or combination light and sound.



Our AP-IJ water quality analysis conductivity meter is encased in high-quality stainless steel. This enclosure is built to withstand harsh environment without costly accessories. This means it also meets marine shock and vibration standards. A durable plastic option is available for commercial applications, as well.


Conductivity Meter Special Features:                                                       

  •          110 VAC 50/60  Hz   
  •          Remote Output:  0 to 5 Typical    
  •          Range: 0 to 20,000 Micromhos /Semens    
  •          Industrial Approved – Robust Design
  •          Industrial Enclosure
  •          Automatic Electrical Self Zero
  •          Either Grounded Cell or Balanced Cell Input
  •          1-0 Ma Remote Output Standard
  •          Equal Spacing for Consentration      
  •          Wall Mounting
  •          Door Hinged and Gasketed
  •          Internal Adjustable Controls
  •          Meets USPHS Control Locations Requirements
  •          Cabinet Size:  8¼”H x 71/8”W x 55/8”D
  •          Extra Thick PC Board – 1/16”
  •         120,000 MTBF